Jamie Lee Rattray smiling and celebrating the Team Canada gold medal win with a Canada flag held behind her back

Jamie Lee Rattray

Forward / PWHL Boston

  • Member of the Canadian National Team
  • Olympic Gold Medalist (2022)
  • Two-time IIHF World Champion (2021, 2022)
  • Patty Kazmaier Award Recipient (2014)
Jamie Lee Rattray (PWHL Boston) skating with the puck


Jamie Lee Rattray is an Olympic gold medalist (2022), two-time World Champion with the Canadian National Team, and was selected 15th overall by Boston in the inaugural PWHL Draft.

A story of perseverance, the Ottawa native saw her first Olympic Rings at 29 years old and positioned herself in the top 10 for points at the tournament.  

As a Indigenous hockey player and member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, Rattray leverages her public platform to advocate for accessibility and inclusion in hockey, championing organizations such as Hockey Indigenous, First Assist, and Sport A Rainbow

Rattray is an avid golfer and esports athlete who seeks out solace at the cottage, alongside her dog Fletcher. 

The intersection of her commitment to foster an equitable environment at the rink, humble leadership, and ability to perform despite the pressure, cements her as a current and future leader of hockey in Canada.


  • Close-up of Jamie Lee Rattray (PWHL Boston) lining up for a face-off
  • Jamie Lee Rattray posing for a team photo for Team Canada and biting into her gold medal
  • Jamie Lee Rattray holding a pride Canadian flag behind her back
  • Jamie Lee Rattray (PWHL Boston) exploding off her left skate to skate up the ice
  • Jamie Lee Rattray working out and stepping up on a box with a barbell on her back
  • Jamie Lee Rattray eyeing down the puck in PWHPA action

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